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You can learn more about Kevin Campbell here. To inquire about any of these trainings, please email Information on Kevin's standard training fees are available here. All training is customized to meet the needs of your individual group and any planning and coordination calls prior to training are included as part of the training fee

We recommend you schedule your session(s) at least 4 months in advance to allow for preparation time and ensure the best travel pricing. Please note that soft copies of the training materials will be sent to you however, each party is responsible for making handouts for their participants.

Lighting the Fire of Urgency: Introduction to Family Finding and Importance of Family Connectedness (full day session)
Includes a 2 -8 hours training to provide background into the history and values of the Family Finding practice, an overview of the six steps of Family Finding practice, live discover phase examples of Family Finding practice, and discussion regarding possible challenges and solutions in implementing the practice. More time available will allow for more detail and live examples.
Maximum group size: 600

Making Connections Happen (2 full day sessions)
Includes a 2-3 hour overview of family finding values and principles followed by an explanation of the six steps to family finding and a description of the practice. The following day and a half are spent in teams where participants will practice the first two stages (discovery and engagement) to find as many potential connections as possible for their most lonely children. Mr. Campbell assists team members in implementing the practice and overcoming emerging barriers.

Family Finding Boot Camp (4 full day sessions)
Family Finding Boot Camps are a four day immersion for staff, supervisors and managers in learning the philosophy, framework and skills of Family Finding practice.  Participants work in small and medium sized teams, actually practicing Family Finding for children and youth who are in out-of-home care or supporting families who are new to child welfare.  In past boot camps, participants have typically learned to, and have successfully completed, the Discovery and initial Engagement steps of Family Finding in fewer than four hours of work.  The goal for the teams by day five of the training is to have found 40 or more relatives and other connections, identified family members with functional strengths, engaged two lead family members, and invited 12 or more adults to a Preparation and Planning Meeting to be held within two weeks of the training.  Participants leave the immersion experience having learned and practiced the skills of Family Finding, developed a sense of confidence in their use of the skills, and most importantly gained the understanding that Family Finding for most youth and families takes less than 20 hours and can be completed in weeks rather than months.

Family Meeting Facilitation Tool Kit (3 full day sessions) 
Research on a variety of Family Finding projects conducted throughout the United States has demonstrated a common theme:  Family Finding works to significantly increase the number of relatives and other important known adult connections for children in care and leads to an average of five to eight offers of help from these adults.  The findings also show that in most jurisdictions child welfare case workers and supervisors are uncertain of how to integrate these supportive adults into the day-to-day support, planning and decision making activities for children and adolescents in out-of-home care.  In response to this, Kevin Campbell has developed a three day intensive training to expand and sharpen the skills of workers in family meeting facilitation and participation with Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Professionals.  Participants will leave the training with an expanded tool kit of strategies, techniques and activities to create powerful family and community meetings that move planning and decision-making teams to action on behalf of children and their families.  Participants will also be introduced to the Participatory Continuum, a tool to assess the degree of family participation in agency and individual family meeting practice. This training can be beneficial for anyone who works with families and does not require prior family finding training or experience. 

Specialized Training
Past topics have included: Working with Non-Custodial Fathers, Team Process and Decision Making
(May include additional costs for curriculum development)


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