Training Fees for Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell

You can learn more about Kevin Campbell here. You can also for a list of his offered trainings here.

Training Fees
$3,000 USD per day training fee* (any training offerings marked as NEW on Kevin's training menu are available at a reduced introductory rate of $2,000 USD per day)
$1,500 USD per day additional trainer (when needed)
$50 USD per diem for each day of training or travel
Reimbursement for airfare and hotel costs associated with training (A service fee for the travel agency may apply)
Additional $600 USD travel day fee for all trips that include over 8 hours of travel (Fee waived if two or more consecutive days are scheduled in the same region).

*If Kevin is unavailable on your requested dates of training, we can offer an associate trainer for ‚Äč$2750 per day training fee

To ensure travel is available and to get the best rate possible, we request trainings are confirmed 4 weeks in advance. However, we are able to schedule training after this point.

If changes are made, by your agency, to a scheduled training that affect travel plans within 30 days of the decided date, your agency will be responsible for the resulting difference of travel cost.

Technical Assistance
$375 USD per hour conference call
$375 USD per hour plus, $50 per diem, hotel and airfare (if required) for on site consultation

Consultation for coordination and planning training is included in training fees. Additional consultation in person and by phone is available. Possible topics for consultation include: policy development and implementation, best practices from other non- profit and public agencies, program development, etc.


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