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Family Finding PowerPoints

Family Search and Engagement: Creating Lifetime Connections
Introduction to Family Finding and engagement presented by Mardith L. Louisell and Linda Librizzi to Casey Family Services staff

Emergency Response Training
In June 2006, Orange County held a training focusing on the role of the Emergency Response (ER) Senior Social Worker in creating lifelong connections for dependent youth. This training incorporated permanency related concepts which included finding the names, addresses and telephone numbers for family members and important others at the beginning phases of a case.


Introduction to Permanency PowerPoints

A Commitment to Supporting Lifelong Connections (For Foster & Adoptive Parents)
Fresno County social workers use this presentation to introduce the concept of permanency when speaking to prospective foster and adoptive parents.

A New Vision of Permanency (For Social Workers)
In April 2006, Orange County developed this brown bag training series for its staff


PowerPoints & Materials from CPYP Annual Conferences

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