Databases and Electronic Tracking

A number of CPYP counties and their partners have developed or found electronic tools to assist them in their work of data collection, data analysis, and outcome measurement:


Dumisha Project
Family Builders is working on the Dumisha Project, a five-year federal research project. The agency is tracking demographic data on the youth, as well as service data. For more information on the database or the Dumisha Project, please contact Jill Jacobs.

Dumisha Database (access)


Los Angeles County
Los Angeles County primarily uses CWS/CMS (Child Welfare Services/Case Management System). However, to obtain more flexibility with CWS/CMS data, the county uses Cognos, which is a web-based system which allows users to extract data from CWS/CMS, analyze it and create reports on the fly. Unfortunately, there is no way to track connection data with CWS/CMS. To address this problem, the county is also using another web-based application, HTML DB, which allows additional fields and information to be added to CWS/CMS people.


San Luis Obispo County
The county is using special projects codes in CWS/CMS to track connection status of their youth.

San Luis Obispo Special Project Codes (word)


San Mateo County
San Mateo County uses a fairly simple Excel spreadsheet to track permanency information. The county tracks basic information on the youth (name and birth date), who the youth wants to find, known support people, and persons that have been located and the results of contacts.

San Mateo County Permanency Database (excel)


Stanislaus County
In order to track data on youth connections, Stanislaus County developed an Access database to capture this information. Where known, the database tracks all family members and other connections by name, birth date, social security number, address, phone number, and relationship to youth. Recently, a screen was added to capture due diligence work for absent parents. Each social worker has an icon for the database on her/his computer desktop. For more information on the database, please contact Karla Self.

Stanislaus Youth Connections Database (access)

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