Program Assessment Tools

Cost Savings

Destination Family
Gail Johnson Vaughan, retired Executive Director of Sierra Adoption Services, developed a spreadsheet to track cost savings for the Sacramento County, Destination Family project, a partnership between Sacramento County and Sierra Adoption Services. The project worked with the county mental health department, and was able to bill some services to EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment), which provides either a five or ten percent match (the amount varies by county).

Cost Savings Spreadsheet (excel)

Destination Family Project Summary (pdf)


Organizational Development

CPYP Agency Self-Assessment Tool on Youth Permanency
This tool is designed to assist an agency or state to reflect on youth permanency. We have designed the questions a) to help assess current work and b) to trigger thinking about people, organizations and methods that could be tapped to strengthen family permanency for youth in the future.

Self-Assessment Tool (word)


Youth Well-Being Measures

Brief Impairment Scale (BIS)
This scale is a 23-item public domain instrument that evaluates three domains of functioning: interpersonal relations, school/work functioning, and self-care/self-fulfillment instrument. It is structured to be administered by the care provider. It can be done multiple times; retesting not an issue. Orange County uses the scale as an ancillary instrument to assist with demonstrating cost savings; it is done primarily with contracted workers but also with other cohorts.

Brief Impairment Scale (BIS) (word)

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