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General and Introductory Family Finding Resources:

  • Interview with Kevin Campbell by the Chronicle of Social Change, Part 1 & Part 2
  • Kevin Campbell and Andrew Turnell's Signs of Safety and Family Finding Workshop Resources

NIPFC Audio Files

NIPFC Written Resources:


Other General Resources: 

  • Connected by 25: A Plan for Investing in the Social, Emotional and Physical Well-Being of Older Youth in Foster Care

     -Group Home StepUp Project Final Report
     -Permanence for Youth People Framework
     -Best Practices on Permanency for Older Youth
     -Disproportionality (Papers)
     -Raising Our Children Together
     -Family Finding and Engagement (Papers)
     -Hunting for Grandma
     -Lighting the Fire of Urgency
     -Grief and Loss (Papers)
     -3-5-7- Model
     -National Convening Reports (2002-2008)


Online Trainings and Presentations:


Email Archives:


Child Trends Articles on Family Finding:
Research briefs on a multi-site evaluation of Family Finding processes and outcomes


In the Media: 

  • From Place to Place - a documentary film about young adults who have aged out of the foster care system


Related papers: 


Family Finding Research & Program Evaluations:


Search Articles & Resources:

  • Tools for Follow-Up on Your Seneca Search Report

     -Six Steps for Family Finding
     -Family Connectedness FAQ
     -Family Finding Informational Sheet
     -Sample First Letter to Relative
     -Sample First Call to Relative


Resources from the California Permanency for Youth Project (CPYP):

     -Achieving Permanency: Guidelines for Expectations of County Child Welfare Staff
     -Emancipated Youth Connections Project Final Report/Toolkit
     -CPYP Organizational Development Guide for Youth Permanency
     -Six Steps to Find a Family: A Practice Guide on Family Search and Engagement
     -Recommendations for Effective Partnerships on Youth Permanence
     -A Call to Action
     -Model Programs Update
     -Model Programs
     -Youth Perspectives
     -CA County Publications (Booklets)
     -Alameda County Guide to Permanency
     -There's No Place Like Home: A Guide to Permanency Options for Foster Youth
     -Finding Permanency for Youth Handbook


International Family Finding Resources:


Other Helpful Resources:


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