What is Family Finding and Permanency

The Family Finding model, developed by Kevin A. Campbell, offers methods and strategies to locate and engage relatives of children currently living in out-of-home care. The goal of Family Finding is to connect each child with a family, so that every child may benefit from the lifelong connections that only a family provides.

Core beliefs inherent in this approach are:
1) Every child has a family, and they can be found if we try
2) Loneliness can be devastating, even dangerous, and is experienced by most children in out of home care
3) A meaningful connection to family helps a child develop a sense of belonging, and
4) The single factor most closely associated with positive outcomes for children is meaningful, lifelong connections to family. - Read More

Current Projects 

The Path Out of Foster Care Crisis Runs Through Family
By Kevin Campbell and Jill Borgeson
An Article on the language of family finding evoling in response to years of learning from practice and research.
Family Finders Helping Vulnerable WA Kids
By Kate Campbell
An Article on Kevin's work in Western Australia published in PerthNow.
Good Business, Real Results: Time for Radical Change in Child Protections
By Kevin Campbell
An Article Published in the Chronicle of Social Change.
Current Videos and Audio

Andrew Turnell talks about Signs of Safety and Family Finding

Kevin Campbell talks about Family Finding and Signs of Safety 


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